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We are developing the next generation electrical energy storage solutions changing the way energy storage is intended today both in terms of performances and environmental impact.

We produce Aluminum-ion based Structural Batteries opening-up new ways to conceive electrical storage and enabling new levels of efficiency in electrical systems.

Thanks to Aluminum-ion technology and the Volta’s battery architecture, it is possible to address the limits of typical energy storage solutions by creating products that are:





It’s a multifunctional rigid element shaped in the form of a thin panel which can sustain intense mechanical loads and storing electrical energy at the same time.

This technology is aimed at all electrically powered systems requiring load-carrying frames with stringent demands in terms of range, mass and volume, lifecycle, and safety such as satellites, cars, airplanes, and ships.

By using this technology, it is possible to distribute the stored electrical energy in the frame of the system by replacing structural elements such as satellite body panels, a car roof and hood or an aircraft wing section. With this concept, battery packs are not anymore heavy and large inert masses but contribute to the shape and mechanical properties of the vehicle enabling volume and mass saving.

In combination with these mechanical advantages

Volta’s Aluminum-ion chemistry provides significant electrochemical improvements compared to the most common Lithium-ion technologies

The Structural Battery can extend battery life by 10 times thanks to its high cyclability, more than 7500 cycles
  • It is suitable for very fast charging
  • It can be fully discharged without degradation risks
  • It is extremely safe with no risk of explosion or flammability in case of short-circuits and/or severe structural damages.

Volta Structural Battery

Is realized by exploiting a special sandwich panel and can be customized following costumer’s needs and requirements:

  • It can be designed in any shape, either planar or curved
  • Many layers can be overlapped increasing structural or energy properties
  • It can be attached to standard structures by typical connection bonds used today for sandwich panels and different formulations of the electrolyte can be used in order to meet specific customer’s needs, such as higher energy density, or wider temperature range, rather than a higher power density

By using Volta Structural Battery

A satellite storing the same energy compared to current standard battery packs


Total mass of the system reduced


Volume saved

In the automotive application

Volta’s Aluminum-ion Structural Battery could extend a vehicle range without affecting the internal living space or system mass and increasing its efficiency thanks to the fast-charging capabilities required by regenerative breaking.

The Aluminum-ion battery is highly scalable with a cleaner and simpler production process

Being based on largely available elements and being independent from the lithium, rare elements and heavy metals supply chain which has a large negative impact on the environment and high recyclability costs.

Solution for the future of electrification

The combination of all these benefits makes Volta Structural Energy technology an appealing solution for the future of electrification enabling a post-lithium energy storage world with new standards of efficiency and sustainability.

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